Our Values

Petite Opera Productions Lives its Values

Core ValuesFocus on Patrons – Petite Opera Productions focuses on engaging and converting the next generation of patrons to opera and live musical stage works such as operetta and musical theatre. Each work we present is chosen to appeal to a different patron interest group or demographic.

Share Passion – Petite Opera Productions was created as a platform to showcase opera and related forms, share our passion and love of those works, and increase the experience of bringing those works to life.

Present Works That Appeal to Today and are Life-Changing – Petite Opera Productions takes risks. We interweave a mix of proven winners (with a new twist to appeal to today) with unknown or rarely performed works. We also focus on providing experiences, using art to immerse patrons in important topics and offer life-changing experiences. We go beyond entertainment.

Perform in Our Native Tongue – Petite Opera Productions performs all shows in English. By removing language barriers, audiences are more comfortable, become more engaged and fully enjoy the performance.

Deliver Quality and Affordability – Petite Opera Productions believes in delivering quality patron experiences in a fiscally responsible way. We believe that the patron—not the operating budget size—defines the quality experience. We believe our non-profit status is a privilege, and not a license to lose money “in the name of art”. We are proud to say that, since our inception, we have reached our mission objectives every year, and remained within budget every season—a rarity these days.

Engage Talent That Fits Our Values – Petite Opera Productions casts emerging professionals who demonstrate a “complete talent” profile as superb vocalists, storytellers and actors with graceful movement. These performers want to connect with our audience. We select these performers—not only for their talent—but for how well they fit our mission. This ensures that the performance goal is audience enjoyment, and that performer accolades are the result, not the goal of the performance.

Respect our Artists and Co-Workers – Artists and creative staff train for many years to perfect their craft and share it, and volunteers give their time because they are passionate about our cause. Petite Opera Productions appreciates the value these individuals bring to our company and community we serve. We are  dedicated to treating artists and co-workers with the utmost respect. We start by treating artists as people—not commodities—when they audition, make efficient use of rehearsal time, and acknowledge their contributions.

Connect to Community – Petite Opera Productions believes that it is essential to engage the community. As a result, we contract community dancers, instrumentalists, educators, student interns and production apprentices. We collaborate with other interest groups that relate to our target patron for each show. In short, we are dedicated to creating a full experience for our audience and growing our communities.

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