Composer and Librettist come to Petite Opera for Veterans Day weekend

Zach Redler, Composer of The Falling and The Rising
Zach Redler is the composer of “The Falling and The Rising”

Creators of The Falling and The Rising answer audience questions — Nov 9 and 10

Composer Zach Redler and Librettist Jerre Dye will be in the audience for performances of The Falling and The Rising Saturday November 9 at 7:30 PM and Sunday, November 10 at 2:30 PM. The two will take part in an audience Q&A session alongside Petite Opera Productions cast, veterans, and artistic staff. All patrons are invited to stay for the session. 

Zach Redler, Composer of The Falling and The Rising

Zach Redler, from Greenwich, CT, is an award-winning music theater composer whose work has been performed in concert halls, opera houses and theaters around the world. Zach’s score for The Falling and The Rising features soaring, memorable melodic lines and recurring musical motifs perfect for first-time opera patrons, balanced by  scenes punctuated with choral dissonance to depict pain and emotional conflict. The score is masterful. Learn how he created this powerful score, and about the stories that inspired him.

Jerre Dye, Librettist of The Falling and The RisingJerre Dye, a Chicago resident,  is becoming one of the most sought-after opera librettists in the country. His characters  for The Falling and The Rising are all composites created from interviews with military soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, Bethesda Hospital and Ft Meade. His libretto gives these characters such profound depth and intimacy that the audience feels they have known each character their entire life. Learn how creating this opera was a life-changing experience for Jerre.


These incredible individuals are contributing to the lush landscape of opera. Come meet them at Petite Opera Productions on November 9-10.

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