Ask a child what they want to do with their free time, and they will answer “Watch a movie”, “Play a video or computer game”, or “Hang with my friends”. Ask them if they would consider seeing an opera, and they will tell you, “Are you kidding! Opera is so stuffy!”, or “What a waste when I don’t understand what they are singing—that’s not English!

At Petite Opera Productions, we’re trying to change the responses of our youth—and patrons of all ages—by removing the “stuffiness” from opera. Our mission is to introduce, educate and entertain a new generation of patrons in the wonders and enjoyment of live, staged vocal music productions through the “crossover” genres. These include comic opera, operetta, legitimate musical theatre, and our own signature SpooferettasTM (Petite Opera Productions’ original opera parodies). By removing the barrier to their enjoyment, we’re helping patrons embrace opera as a part of their mainstream entertainment choices.

No opera heroines die to produce our shows, and patrons leave with a smile on their face. Unfortunately, the cost of a smile equates to production costs. This is where your donation can help. Your tax-deductible donation helps pay for 50% of annual expenses, including staff, performer, and instrumentalist salaries, costumes, sets, props, venue rentals, performance royalties, translation services, and a myriad of methods to educate and reach the public. The remaining balance is covered by ticket sales and special educational outreach programs.


Petite Opera Productions is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Illinois Corporation, and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest limits allowed by law. (Please consult your tax professional for more information). All donors may receive a copy of our tax exempt letter for their records, upon request.

Doante Now Via PayPal
Individual donations, payable to Petite Opera Productions, may be mailed to:

Petite Opera Productions
P.O. Box 195
Des Plaines, IL 60016-0195

Soon, we will also accept donations via credit card on this site.

Corporate Sponsorships

In order to achieve our mission, Petite Opera Productions is seeking partnerships with corporate sponsors. Corporations wishing to sponsor entire productions, individual performances, specific production elements, or just donate to the cause, should contact us by phone at (847) 553-4442, or at the email below.

Together, we can save opera heroines from certain deathTM, ensure the future of the operatic art form, and uplift the lives of opera patrons.

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