Petite Opera Performer-Vocalist Auditions

Das Barbecü 

Auditions Held February 2-9 for the Musical Theatre Spoof Das Barbecü 

Accepting audition submissions through midnight FRI January 31

Das Barbecu Auditions

Wagner’s Ring Cycle is spun as a witty Texas fable with five actors playing more than 30 outrageous characters at breakneck speed. Songs run the gamut from Broadway to Texas swing, from jazz to twangy country and western. Mismatched lovers who meet on the day of their shotgun double wedding, three generations of feuding families, a magic ring of power, wild west lariat tricks, a synchronized swimming revue, a song and dance tribute to the joys of guacamole, and the sweetest two step ever to slide across a stage add up to wild comedy.

Genre: Musical Theatre Comedy
Performer Type Sought: Opera Crossover and Musical Theatre with ability to sing Country-Western.
Age Groups: Adults only
Requirements: Must possess excellent vocal, comic, acting and movement ability, as well as  the ability to sing tight harmonies and play multiple characters.
Covers/Understudies: None
Chorus: None


ACTOR 1 – High Mezzo/Low Soprano. Sings top harmony. Vocal Range: C3 to G5
Roles: Getrune, Norn, Texas Ranger, Freia, Y-Vonne Duvall, Rivermaiden, Valkyrie, Tambourine Girl

ACTOR 2 – Low Mezzo; sings lowest harmony. Vocal Range: G3 to C5
Roles: Narrator, Fricka, Erda, Needa Troutt, Back Up Singer, Katsy Snapp, Rivermaiden, Valkyrie

ACTOR 3 – Mezzo. Sings middle harmony. Vocal Range: Ab3 to Eb5
Roles: Brunnhilde, Norn, Texas Ranger, Rivermaiden

ACTOR 4 – Bari-Bass. Sings low male harmony. Vocal Range: Bb2 to Eb4
Roles: Wotan, Gunther, Hagen, Texas Ranger, Giant

ACTOR 5 – Baritenor. Sings higher male harmony. Vocal Range: C3 to F4 (with falsetto Ab4)
Roles: Siegfried, Norn, Milam Lamar, Alberich, Giant

Audition Dates

SUN Feb 2, 2020 from 3-10PM – Park Ridge
TUE Feb 4, 2020 from 3-10PM – Evanston
SUN Feb 9, 2020 from 6-10PM – Evanston


6 total:
SUN Apr 19, 2020
SAT Apr 25, 2020
FRI May 1, 2020 | SAT May 2, 2020
SAT May 9, 2020 | SUN May 10, 2020


Rehearsals will begin February 15. Through March 20, rehearsal time and location will be scheduled based on performer and director availability.
Starting March 21, rehearsals will take place at the theatre in Park Ridge, and will be called for certain hours within the following time blocks:
SAT between 9AM-6PM
SUN between 2-10PM
TUE between 7-10PM


Deadline: Emails/attachments must be received by midnight FRI January 31, 2020.
your materials (see below) to:
Please enter “AUDITIONS 2020” on the subject line.

NOTE: If you have recently submitted materials for opera, pl.ease resubmit musical theatre materials

Attach the following to your email (note:  PDF, DOC, RTF file formats accepted)

  • Resume
  • Your contact information (cell, text, email). Please advise the best way to reach you
  • Headshot, high-resolution (300 dpi or greater in JPEG format)
  • (optional) Online performance links
  • (optional) Performance references from directors, conductors, teachers/coaches
  • (optional) Performance Reviews (optional)

Auditions are by invitation only. If selected to audition, you will be notified via email, you will be told what to prepare, and given an online link to schedule your audition appointment.

Please Note:  Petite Opera Productions does not provide housing, transportation, or transportation reimbursement for performers.  Performers must be local Chicago-area candidates or those that can provide their own housing and transportation (to the northwestern suburb of Park Ridge) for the rehearsal period, which occurs up to three days per week and is spread out over a 12-14 week period (due to venue access).

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