Look, that’s MY kid onstage with Cinderella!

Eligible Children Ages 3-10 Could Appear Onstage in Petite Opera’s Cinderella

Petite Opera’s mission is to make everyone an opera lover.  We want to remove all barriers that might inhibit the enjoyment of first-time opera patrons, and increase patron interaction with our casts, all in an intimate venue.

We also want to get the next generation of patrons exposed to opera so they grow up to consider opera one of their many entertainment options.

What better way is there to get children intimately involved in an opera than from the viewpoint of the stage! So, during our upcoming production of Cinderella (November 2-17), we’re offering young child patrons an opportunity to participate in the show itself.

For each performance, Petite Opera will select a handful of young child patrons to appear on stage with Cinderella during a scene in Act I.  The children will portray small animals who help Cinderella with her “chores”. Each child will be given a simple costume that adjusts for various sizes.  Children will need to be silent so that Cinderella can sing her song.

A handful of children will be selected to appear in each performance.  To be selected, children must meet the following criteria:

  • Each child selected will, ideally, be between the ages of 3 and 8, but be no more than age 10
  • Children must be well-behaved, must be quiet on stage, must be able to take direction, have a good attention span, and must be sufficiently mature to take part without causing disruption over a span of about 6 minutes
  • Parents and interested children must arrive at the venue 45 minutes prior to curtain time, and report to the House Manager

Children who meet the criteria will be selected at random to participate.  These children will receive instruction just prior to the performance, learn how to put on their costumes, and will meet their backstage contact.  Parents should offer their children this opportunity only if the child is comfortable in a quick-paced situation and meets the requirements above.

Please note that Petite Opera cannot guarantee that any child will definitely be selected, regardless of arrival time, previous stage experience, connection to or previous contact with Petite Opera, its cast members or other factors.

The goal of the production is to connect with the children and parents, and make Cinderella a fun and memorable experience  Parents with questions about participation, arrival times, and what’s involved, should send email to Petite Opera:

Petite Opera performs Cinderella November 2-17, 2012 at Mary Wilson House Beyer Auditorium, part of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church campus, 306 S Prospect Ave at Crescent Ave (enter on Crescent Ave), Park Ridge, IL.  Call 847-553-4442 to reserve tickets, or purchase tickets online via credit card (convenience charges apply to credit card orders). 

Petite Opera is a professional 501c3 opera company