Meet the Strong Female Sopranos that Enliven Petite Opera’s Barber of Seville

Petite Opera speaks with Kaitlin Galetti and Liana Gineitis who portray the strong, independent Rosina.

As Petite Opera rehearses, Executive Director Susan Baushke, sat down with the company’s two talented performers playing Rosina in its upcoming Barber of Seville, playing November 4-19, 2017, to ask them about their upcoming role.

Kaitlin Galetti portrays Rosina
November 5, 10, 12, 18
What do you like about the character of Rosina in this work, and this production in particular?
Rosina is all about “smashing the patriarchy”.  She is a strong feminine character for the time period.  It’s also great to play at a “Lady” mezzo role for a change!

Liana Gineitis portrays Rosina
Nov 4, 11, 17, 19


Rosina is confident, headstrong, knows what she wants, and goes after it.  Its refreshing, especially for the time frame (early 1800s). She’s three-dimensional, fun and funny.  What’s not to like?

What is your impression of Petite Opera and this production so far?
The company appears very relaxed and friendly, supportive and inviting.
Communication has been extremely easy, and is very clear.  The entire environment is one where I feel very secure to take artistic ownership.  The culture and people are very open and inviting, and encourage me to see what I can do and bring to the role and the production. I also found it incredible that the audition panelists made a point of shaking our hands and introducing themselves before we sang. They understand what it is like to be on “both sides of the audition table”, and I greatly appreciate it!

Petite Opera and Stage Director Michael Kotze extracted the recitative from this version, and replaced those sections with dialogue featuring a new character—the composer himself—Rossini.  What is your impression of the adaptation and its impact on you as performers, and the potential impact on the audience?
Taking out the recitative and turning it into dialogue, especially for a comedy, makes the whole production more accessible for the audience.  It helps expose people to the opera, and lets them research it further, if desired.  Patrons can definitely connect to Rossini and can easily follow the plot.

Using this revised format helps us invite patrons into the action, to meet them as some level and make their own decisions about the creative process of the opera and its characters.  I like it.

Petite Opera rehearses and performs in Park Ridge.  Tell us about the experience of performing in the suburbs vs. downtown.
Liana Gineitis (right) promotes the show around town
with fellow cast members Max Hosmer (left)
and Gabriel DiGennaro (center).


I must admit that, having just received my Master’s in Voice from Northwestern, I have only performed in the suburbs thus far, so don’t have a point of reference.  However, I think its great to branch out and perform across the Chicago area and its suburbs to reach audiences.

I’ve lived in Chicago for 2 years now, and performed in Chicago and the suburbs. I find the suburbs very inviting, with appreciate audiences.  In some ways, suburban audiences give us permission to try newer things and give more leeway to interpret and put out own stamp on characters that have been performed for over 100 years!  
Kaitlin Galetti (right) confers with fellow cast
members Brett Potts (left) and Gabriel DiGennaro (center)
while promoting the show at
Park Ridge’s Wine Styles shop.
The two of you have been in Chicago for a while.  Have you had the opportunity previously to work with other cast members that appear in this Barber of Seville production?
I have not worked with anyone in the production previously, but will be performing Rusalka with Brett Potts during October; he is one of our two Count Almaviva’s in this production.

I recently just performed in Johnny Johnson with Gabriel DiGennaro, so I look forward to working with him again as one of our two Figaros.

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