New Petite Opera #metoo DON GIOVANNI is ripped straight from the headlines

Petite Opera announces its latest ambitious work, and incredible cast for upcoming Don Giovanni November 3-18, 2018

Petite Opera, making a name for itself with its updated translations and productions that connect with modern-day audiences, is proud to announce its upcoming #metoo Don Giovanni.  

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In this world premier of Petite Opera’s new English translation and setting, the seducer, Don Giovanni (Italian for “Don Juan”) is transported into modern day, and patterned after several unscrupulous characters in the news associated with the #metoo movement.  

Set on a present day Hollywood film lot, the action, seduction and struggles are told from the perspectives of the actresses, film crew, and associates of the Hollywood film producer “Donny G” as he abuses his power.  The story culminates in a powerful message that reflects our modern day intolerances and historical willingness to look the other way. 


Donny G (Don Giovanni):  Wesly Anthony Clerge, Dimitri German
Leo Porello (Leporello): Ivo Suarez, Artega Wright
Anna Pritchard (Donna Anna): Megan Hendrickson, Lani Stait
Ellie Crystal (Donna Elvira): Kate Sikora, Kelsea Webb
Zerlina Wilder (Zerlina): Liana Gineitis, Morgan Whitney
Otto Gruselig (Don Ottavio): Max Hosmer, Nathan Oakes
Masetto Convinto (Masetto): Samuel Cotten, Brandon Sokol
Conor DaTore (il Commendatore):  Lakotah Terrace

Members of the Film Crew:
Phoeobe Marsten: Susan Baushke
Rebecca Nance: Meg Huskin
Logan Hammond: Austin Illenberg
Jessica Sprock: Rachel Mast
Candy Landers: Kellie Springfield
Sam Mahone: Nicole Verive


Resident Music Director: Cody Michael Bradley
Resident Stage Director: Cathy Dunn
Assist Stage Director: Meg Huskin
Director of Production: Steven Arvanites
Resident Stage Manager: Nicole Verive
Resident Lighting Director: Elizabeth Sklena
Resident Costume Designer: Sienna Kusek


Steven Arvanites, Susan Baushke, Cody Michael Bradley, Cathy Dunn,
HRT Guillen, Austin Illenberg, Nathan Oakes, Nicole Verive, Nathan Oakes


7:30 PM Fridays, November 9, 16

7:30 PM Saturdays, November 3, 10, 17
4:00 PM Sundays, November 4, 11, 18

Tickets are $27 for Adults (ages 18-61)
$25 for Seniors (age 62 and up)
$15 for Students* (age 16 through College)

*Not Suitable for Children under the age of 16

To reserve your tickets for payment by cash or check at Box Office on performance date:
Call 847-553-4442 or email

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Please note: reservations and Credit Card orders accepted up to 4 hours prior to show time.

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Mary Wilson House Beyer Auditorium
part of St. Mary’s Episcopal church campus
306 S Prospect Avenue (at Crescent Ave)
Park Ridge, IL 60068