Opera, Genetics and Family History

Does your family have an “Opera History”? Is there a “Music Gene” and do you have one?

[Editor’s Note: the following article was provided by Genealogy Bargains, a sponsor of the upcoming production The Falling and The Rising at Petite Opera Productions.]

Music and GenealogyIf you have a love of theatre or even are skilled at acting and singing, did you ever wonder if you inherited these traits from your ancestors? If you’ve never delved into your family’s past, you might be surprised at finding out that your 2nd great-grandfather was an actor on the stage!

Are there Performers in your Family Tree?

Music Gene In Your Family Most people have curiosity about genealogy and learning more about their ancestors. Remember that family history is more than just “names and dates” and does NOT have to be boring and dry! More and more modern genealogists—both professionals and hobbyists—are researching HOW their ancestors lived. This includes their professions (such as acting or being a professional musician) as well as their social and leisure activities. Many call this aspect of family history as “putting flesh on the bones.”

So what type of information could you find related to acting, music and the theatre?

  • Historic newspaper articles related to performances and performers including your ancestors!
  • Records that list a profession such as US census records, state census records, military draft cards, death certificates and more.
  • Property records and floor plans for theatres and performance venues.
  • Autograph books
  • Yearbooks
  • Family photos
  • Diaries
  • Scrapbooks

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Did your ancestors or family members serve in the Military?

Military Genes in Your FamilyOne thing you might want to check on, besides theatre performers in your family’s past, is your family’s military service.  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find military records such as World War I Draft Cards, US Civil War Pension Files, and more! And many can be accessed for FREE! A great place to start is Fold 3 which is part of the Ancestry family of sites. Click HERE to learn more and also snag a 25% discount!