Dorian McCall

Appearing as Colonel in The Falling and The Rising – Dorian McCall

Dorian McCall, Bass-Baritone
Dorian McCall, Bass-Baritone                          Petite Opera Productions Debut:  2019    The Falling and The Rising

Dorian is currently supplementing the Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera of Chicago choruses. This season, he premieres the new role of John Sorel/The Consul (Transgressive Theatre Opera), covers Gubbins and the Dragon/The Dragon of Wantley (Haymarket Opera), and appears as Pirate King and General Stanley/Pirates of Penzance (Opera for the Young). He has been described as “a very compelling singing actor with a warm, even baritone and a rich and flexible voice”, and is recognized as having great style, musically and physically on stage.

I have several family members in multiple branches of military, and was a member of AJROTC (Army Junior) program at Hightower High School.

“As a country, government, and as individual communities, there is so much more to be done to support those who serve once they return home, especially as it relates to mental health services. Our military service men and women have successfully survived tours of duty while subjecting themselves to the very real silent horror of PTSD, and we need to be there for them.

Retrospectively, I have examined the loss of my mother that occurred when I was 9. The grieving I was not allotted as a child has sprung up in my adulthood, much as the Colonel expresses his loss in his scena. This gives me an outlet to honor my loss within a safety net of artistry while telling a gripping story.”

Mr. McCall dedicates this performance to his mother, MAJ. Janice Terry, U. S. Army, and to the memory of his father, 1SGT Michael Joseph Terry, U. S. Army.

This role marks Mr. McCall’s Petite Opera Productions debut.

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