Petite Opera Productions Presents Das Barbecü Coming Soon

Coming Soon Das Barbecu
Coming soon to Petite Opera Productions – Das Barbecu by Scott Warrender and Jim Luigs

Das Comic Musical, Das Barbecü, Will Have Yer Sides A-Splitting

Das Barbecü – A Musical Comedy

Music by Scott Warrender
Story and Script by Jim Luigs

Wagner’s Ring Cycle hits town this April and folks are going hog wild. Wonder why?

Well, plan to see what all the whoopin’ and hollerin’ is about as Petite Opera Productions spins Wagner’s Ring Cycle as a witty Texas fable — Das Barbecü — with five actors playing more than 30 outrageous characters at breakneck speed. Songs run the gamut from Broadway to Texas swing, from jazz to twangy country and western. Mismatched lovers who meet on the day of their shotgun double wedding, three generations of feuding families, a magic ring of power, wild west lariat tricks, a synchronized swimming revue, a song and dance tribute to the joys of guacamole, and the sweetest two-step ever to slide across a stage add up to wild comedy.

Whether ya’ll are a Wagner opera fan, or don’t know Wotan from a hobbit or a cowboy, ya’ll will love this wild ride!

Performance Dates

Production to run for 6 performances over 3 weekends. Dates to be determined.
7:30 PM SAT Date TBD
2:30 PM SUN Date TBD
7:30 PM SAT Date TBD
2:30 PM SUN Date TBD
7:30 PM SAT Date TBD
2:30 PM SUN Date TBD

Fans of Richard Wagner and Petite Opera Production’s other spooferettas (Petite Opera Productions originals Al Fresco: Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses, The Magic Flute 3.0—A Space Opera, or Dimitri Toscas’ Cosi fan tutte) will love Das Barbecü!

Tickets go on sale soon! Watch for announcements!

Artists interested in auditioning should visit the Auditions Page for more information.

Das Barbecü is produced in special arrangement with Concord Theatricals ( and SAMUEL FRENCH, Inc. (

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