Production History

Petite Opera Productions Range from Comedy to Drama and Offer Life-Changing Experiences

The Falling and The RisingThe Falling and the RisingDrama
November 2-24, 2019
Zach Redler / Jerre Dye
Conceived by SFC Ben Hilgert of the US Army
Chicago area premiere
An exciting new American opera that salutes the service and sacrifice of military service men and women. It is a story of family, service, and sacrificed inside a period of great uncertainty.

Petite Opera Productions That's Amore!

That’s Amore! – Romance
February 7-17, 2019
Script & Story by Susan K Baushke
A Petite Original productions presentation.
When their grandchildren ask how they met, grandparents Jenny and Michael tell their 70-decade musical love story.


Petite Opera Productions #metoo Don Giovanni#metoo Don Giovanni – Drama
Wolfgang Mozart / Petite Opera Productions Translation
November 3-18, 2018
Ripped from the headlines, Mozart’s Don Giovanni takes on new dimension in this new #metoo libretto and setting by Petite Opera Productions. Accused of murder and sexual misconduct, modern day Hollywood film producer “Donny G” finds his victims fighting back.

Petite Opera Productions The Barber Of Seville

The Barber of Seville – Comedy
Gioachino Rossini / Michael Kotze
November 4-19, 2017
In this unique update featuring a new script by Stage Director Michael Kotze, Rossini himself pulls all the strings to create the opera before the eyes of the audience.


Petite Opera Productions Assassins

Assassins – Drama
Stephen Sondheim / John Weidman / Charles Gilbert Jr.
November 4-20, 2016
Somewhere in time, nine U.S. Presidential assassins and attempted assassins-from across history cross boundaries of time and space to arrive at a carnival, managed by the Proprietor who manipulates them to commit the assassination they only contemplated before that point. This tour de force musical looks at how we define ourselves as individuals, as a nation, and the interpretation of the American Dream, even during his worst hours.

Petite Opera Productions The Magic Flute 3.0 A Space OperaThe Magic Flute 3.0—A Space Opera – Comedy
Wolfgang Mozart / Petite Opera Translation
November 7-22, 2015
A science-fiction adaptation set in North Woods USA featuring DaPonte’s original characters with an alien twist and magical powers, the FBI, Free Spirits, space ships, and local yokels. New English libretto and setting by Petite Opera Productions.

Petite Opera Productions BrundibarBrundibár – Drama
Hans Krasa / Adolf Hoffmeister
November 7-22, 2014
Out of the Holocaust comes this story of hope showing how children can overcome evil by uniting together. Petite Opera Productions version featured Ella Weissberger, the cast’s last surviving Terezin Concentration Camp Survivor who originally performed the work.

Petite Opera Productions Snoopy!!! The MusicalSnoopy!!! The MusicalComedy
Larry Grossman / Hal Hackady / Charles Schulz inspiration
April 25-May 24, 2014
Based on the Peanuts cartoon strip, the show focuses on the world according to Snoopy—his beginnings at the puppy farm, views of doing “doggy tricks” and attempts to write the great American novel.  It also follows the Peanuts child characters in their discovery of their world as they grow up.

Petite Opera Productions Cosi fan tutteCosì fan tutte / Everyone is Just the Same – Comedy
Wolfgang Mozart / New Translation by Dimitri Toscas
November 8-17, 2013
MadMen Meet Mozarts in this zany new translation that sets the characters in a 1959 Chicago advertising agency. In a unique twist, Dimitri Toscas gains equality for the women as the girls discover the bet their fiancés make on their fidelity, and turn the tables on them.

Petite Opera Productions Vocal Palettes & PairingsVocal Palettes & Pairings™ –  Benefit
featuring arias by various composers
May 18, 2013
Petite Opera Productions trademarked benefit concert and wine tasting format. A fabulously entertaining and educational treat for both the oral and aural palettes, pairing singer’s vocal fachs with wine.


Petite Opera Productions Cinderella (Cendrillon)Cinderella (Cendrillon) –  Drama
Jules Massenet
November 2-17, 2012
The Cinderella story set to Massenet’s lush harmonies of the late Romantic. Petite Opera Productions was the first company to present the work to Chicago audiences in over 100 years. Composed in 1899, Massenet’s version adds incredible depth of characters that truly bring the story to life.

Petite Opera Productions The MikadoThe Mikado –  Comedy
Sir Arthur Sullivan / W.S. Gilbert / additional lyrics by H.R.T Guillen
April 20-May 5, 2012
If you are caught flirting, it’s “off with your head”! in this classic spoof by the British master duo. In the Japanese town of Titipu, Ko-Ko, a man condemned to death for flirting, is instead released and granted the title of Lord High Executioner. Petite Opera Productions added bow staff and fan choreography, in addition to all of the other satirical bells and whistles.

Petite Opera Productions Amahl And The Night VisitorsAmahl and The Night Visitors –  Drama
Gian Carlo Menotti
December 2-11, 2011
A bright star is shining in the East, and three king follow it to find the baby promised as the savior. A poor crippled child and his mother take them in, and a miracle occurs.


Petite Opera Productions revival Al Fresco - Life Through Opera-Colored GlassesAl Fresco—Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses –  Comedy
Music by Bizet, Lehar, Mozart, Offenbach, Puccini, Rossini and Sullivan
Book by Susan K Baushke
May 6-22, 2011
Back by popular demand, the revival retells the comical adventures of our favorite lovable Chicago geek, Al Fresco, as he looks for love with modern-day versions of famous opera heroines.

Petite Opera Productions Hansel and GretelHansel and Gretel –  Drama
Engelbert Humperdinck
November 5-20, 2010
Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, this classic story is brought to life through an incredible score by Humperdinck. Accompanied by orchestra, Petite Opera Productions presented an incredible forest that became its own character in the show, living trees, a corp of ballet dancers, and incredible vocal performers.

Petite Opera Productions original Al Fresco - Life Through Opera-Colored GlassesAl Fresco—Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses –  Comedy
Music by Bizet, Lehar, Mozart, Offenbach, Puccini, Rossini and Sullivan
Book by Susan K Baushke
October 30-November 14, 2009
The spooferetta™ (a comical spoof using operetta musical forms) that launched Petite Opera Productions. Al Fresco, a self-proclaimed geek and Italian-American growing up in Chicago, tells the comical adventures as he looks for love with modern-day versions of famous opera heroines.

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