Al Fresco – Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses

The First Petite Opera Productions original spooferetta™ – Al Fresco Became a Comic Favorite

Petite Opera Productions revival Al Fresco - Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses

The original production that launched the company, Al Fresco – Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses¹ put Petite Opera Productions on the map in the Chicago opera scene.  The production took the audience on a tour of the life of Al Fresco (Alfredo Puccini Giannini Frescoletti, to be exact), a young Italian-American man living in Chicago and trying to find love with all of the wrong opera heroines.

Al Fresco  – Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses¹ appeals to everyone – opera-lovers who understand all of the jokes, adults who laugh at all of the quirky dating references, Tweens and teens who relate to the comical relationship situations, and small children who enjoy the physicality of the comedy.

With an original script by Susan K Baushke, and a libretto by the team of Susan K Baushke, Janene Bergen and Steven Arvanites, and a complement of “top hits” from the best of the operatic composer greats, Al Fresco geeked his way into our hearts so much that—due to popular demand—Petite Opera Productions produced it twice (2009 and 2011) within two years.

Here is just one of the comic scenes from the spooferetta™:

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