The Magic Flute 3.0 – A Space Opera

Petite Opera Productions took Mozart’s Classic to the North Woods – Complete with Aliens

Boldly Going where no Chicago Opera Company has gone before… Petite Opera Productions Lands a bunch of space-faring aliens from the planet Vekran onto Earth.

Petite Opera Productions The Magic Flute 3.0 A Space Opera

Petite Opera Productions new world premiere English translation and Science Fiction adaptation¹ The Magic Flute 3.0 – A Space Opera was a hit with Earthling audiences!

Starting with the overture (a back story to the aliens landing on Earth), audiences loved this new translation and all of its’ fun cultural references.

Sci-Fi, aliens, Mozart, the North Woods and the FBI combine in this world premiere of a new Petite Opera English translation.  Sarastro and his alien community from Vekran are out in the galaxy promoting their cause.  They land on Earth to find Sarastro’s exiled Rimulan wife, the Queen of the Night and her Borg-like Ladies trying to assimilate into North Woods USA, near Canada. Entitled trust-fund guy, Tamino, seeks to unite with the pair’s daughter, Pamina.  Aided by simple hunter–Papageno–and Free Spirits from the intergalactic police force, they seek to find their loves, their balance, and escape evil.

What Patrons Are Saying

“We saw Petite Opera’s Magic Flute 3.0 – A Space Opera opening night, and it was fantastic!!!  We highly recommend everyone check it out.  The place was near capacity so I would suggest you get your tickets for the day you want to go as soon as possible!” — Don Popp

“It was just so fun!  With Star Wars coming back in a few months, this was a great way for me to get my fix of sci-fi and see an opera at the same time!”  — A New Patron

“This production, with the Sci-Fi theme was really fun!  I’m sure I didn’t catch all of the jokes, but my husband is a big Star Trek fan, and he got all of them!  The whole cast had tremendous voices.”Sally Dornfield

“Saw the production last night! Bravo! and Brava! Huge cast with huge talent. Thoroughly enjoyable evening. Costumes in this production are wonderful (is it wrong I want that silver jacket?) Hope you sell out every show!” — Roberta Meyer

November 2015

Composer: W.A. Mozart
Sci-Fi Adaptation, Translation, Dialogue and Lyrics¹: Petite Opera Writing team (Steven Arvanites, Susan Baushke, Cathy Dunn, HRT Guillen, Austin Illenberg, Nathan Oakes, Nicole Verive Brett).

Stage Director:  Cathleen Dunn
Assistant Directors:  Rachel Sparrow, Nathan Oakes
Musical Director: Cody Michael Bradley
Costume/Makeup Design/Execution: Sienna Kusek, Cheryl Newman
Scenic Design/Execution: Miguel Lopez-Lemus
Lighting Design/Execution: Betsy Sklena, Greykell Dutton
Audio & Special Effects:  Steven Arvanites, Nathan Oakes
Properties:  Mary Govertsen, Nancy Evans
Marketing:  Susan Baushke

Papageno: Noah Gartner, Douglas Balkin
Tamino: Nathan Oakes, Brett Potts
Pamina: Kelsey Betzelberger, Bethany Brautigam
Queen of the Night: Kate Comegys, Rachel Sparrow
Sarastro: David Govertsen, Peter Morgan
First Lady: Mary Govertsen, Diana Stoic
Second Lady: Katherine Dalin, Sara Litchfield
Third Lady:  Suzanne Rovani, JulieAnn Zavala
Monostatos: David Fair, Jonathan Wilson
Papagena: Susan Baushke, Kristen Bigham
First Free Spirit: Carly Meyer, Emily Montelongo
Second Free Spirit: Tess Dinerstein, Tessa Newman
Third Free Spirit: Kaia Ebel
Old Priest: Aaron Bolden
Speaker: Homer Guillen
First Guardsman: David Fair, Jonathan Wilson
Second Guardsman: Aaron Bolden

Chorus of Humans, Aliens and Creatures
Aaron Bolden, Erin Carney,  Tess Dinerstein, Kaia Ebel, David Fair, Anne Gartner, Michael Hanson, Austin Illenberg, Bailey Kapel, Carly Meyer, Emily Montelongo, Paul Murphy-Gartner, Tessa Newman, Alexandra Plattos, Carly Swanson, Sara Wheeler, Jonathan Wilson

¹©2015 The Magic Flute 3.0 – A Space Opera by Petite Opera Productions. This work is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. Contact for licensing information.

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