Petite Opera Productions Encourages Patrons to Become Immersed in the Show

Immerse Yourself in Petite Opera ProductionsImmerse yourself in the stories.

Experience Petite Opera Productions for yourself: See why patrons love this company. Buy a Ticket to attend our Upcoming Production.

Enjoy the intimate setting: Our productions are set in an intimate space that allow patrons to become intimately connected to the characters and stories

Experience Opera With Training Wheels™ : Petite Opera Productions only produces shows suitable for first-time patrons, in English, that relate to today’s audiences. Our updated translations, settings and spooferettas™ are designed to introduce you to

Immerse yourself in life-changing art: As artists, we must not only master our art, but change the world. Petite Opera Productions is dedicated to reflecting back the social issues of our society, making connections and making the world a better place through the productions we present.

Get to know our Past Shows and Artists: Visit Production History to learn amore about how we have consistently satisfied patrons and met our mission to build the next generation of patrons through quality productions featuring outstanding Artists.

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