A Successful Weekend Premiere of Al Fresco

Petite Opera Productions had a very successful opening of Al Fresco: Life Through Opera-Colored Glasses this past weekend.  In fact, here is a testimonial from one patron:

“Having gone to the opening night of the newly-formed Petite Opera Productions’ (POP) “Al Fresco: Life through Opera-Colored Glasses,” I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who loves music or is afraid but curious of that classical genre known as “opera.” Comedic timing, precise elocution, and expressive singing are fundamentals in delivering such a performance effectively, and I was not disappointed. One can certainly appreciate the integrity and artistry with which these professionals performed and how they related to the audience members. Perhaps, the greatest strength of these artists’ work was the modernization of classic opera characters and scenes (and even stereotypes) in a manner that is both appealing to youngsters and adults first encountering opera, as well as to those of us who are opera devotees – the latter of whom would also treasure the musical puns and jokes delivered in both the script and the music. So, take your family and friends and enjoy a delightful evening of what POP calls “Spooferetta.”

Wilbert O. Watkins
Conductor/Music Educator

© 2009, copyright Petite Opera Productions