The Falling and The Rising – Soldiers telling their stories

Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital talk about the importance of The Falling and The Rising

Several years ago, Sgt. Ben Hilgert of the U.S. Army conceived the idea to use art to bring military and civilians together. Jerre Dye (librettist) and Zach Redler (composer) joined him by interviewing soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, Bethesda Hospital and Ft. Meade. All of the  soldiers interviewed had returned from deployment to face combat injuries, emotional separation from their families, and survivors guilt. The result was The Falling and The Risinga new American opera that depicts soldiers telling true soldiers stories.

Petite Opera Productions will present the works’ Chicago premiere November 2-24, 2019 in Park Ridge. Purchase tickets.

Watch our video to see the reactions of several soldiers whose stories inspired this wonderful new work. See why they think this production is so relevant to military and civilians alike.

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