The Falling and The Rising – the First Rehearsal

The Top-Notch Petite Opera Production Cast Kicks off Rehearsals

Petite Opera Productions first rehearsal of The Falling and The Rising – A New American Opera, was amazing. You should hear these folks sing! If they sound this fantastic at the first rehearsal, just wait till opening night! They are going to crush it! Please, please, come see this amazing cast perform.

Petite Opera Productions produces the Chicago Premiere in Park Ridge, IL from November 2-24. Created by the fantastic duo of Zach Redler and Jerre Dye, The Falling and The Rising, and imagined by Sgt. Ben Hilgert of the U.S. Army, this incredible new opera is based on true stories told by modern day soldiers about their sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs.

The cast includes Mary Lutz-Govertsen and Carla Janzen as Soldier; Sarah Ponder as Toledo; Nathan Oakes as Jumper; Brandon Sokol as Homecoming Soldier; Dorian McCall as Colonel. The production features a Veterans Chorus that includes Laura Finnelly, Ron Kobeluch, Thomas Love, Marvin Schabel, Donald Meseth, Earl Holtz, Bill Kwaak, Ramona Pozek, Rachel Simmons, and John Van Alstin.

Qiyun Dai is Music Director; Cathy Dunn is Stage Director. Susan Baushke and Steven Arvanites are co-Directors of Production.

The Falling and The Rising – A New American Opera, Nov 2 – Nov 24. Tickets.

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