The Road to The Falling and The Rising – Part 4

"The Falling and Rising" creators with cast and staff of Petite Opera Productions
The cast of Petite Opera Productions “The Falling and The Rising” is joined by Composer Zach Redler and Librettist Jerre Dye on the performance November 9, 2019

Stop #4 on the Journey – The Experience

Watching performance clips, reading the story and hearing the music did not prepare us for the life-changing experience of seeing this opera live. At a mere 75-minutes in length, it told complete stories of soldiers lives that we could completely relate to as civilians. I felt pride, joy, shame, guilt, loss, love and hope. And most of all, I felt the undercurrent of connection and healing throughout the entire audience as we all realized the power and love that drives the sacrifice of our military to protect us as Americans.

The final scene had my heart pounding in my chest with pride, and tears streaming unashamedly down my face as a chorus of actual military veterans took the stage with the leading characters to bring the female lead, Soldier, back home, and Fall and Rise as One. 

Cathy Dunn and I looked at each other and said, “We have to produce this in Chicago.

Susan Baushke leads audience Q&A after The Falling and The Rising
Susan Baushke leads audience Q&A after Petite Opera Productions “The Falling and The Rising”

Petite Opera Productions is thrilled to produce the Chicago Premiere of The Falling and The Rising November 2-24, 2019. We want you to feel the life-changing power of this work first-hand, live, in Park Ridge.

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