Veterans Support Resources

Petite Opera Productions Shares Veterans Resources to Connect Military and Community

TPetite Opera Productions Veterans Resourceshe Falling And The Rising is a new opera with a mission: to connect military personnel and civilians through art. The goal is a connection and awareness to help heal and reintegrate veterans into our communities.

This post contains a list of resources to help continue the conversation and connection. Get involved and help connect us even further!

Many thanks for members of the veteran Chicago community and to Rivendell Theatre Company for their contributions to this value list of veterans resources.

VetCAT (Veterans Creative Arts Therapy)
VetCAT is a Chicago based program that addresses complex mental health issues using creative processes and art-making to promote self-exploration, expression, and healing.

The Fatigues Clothesline Project
The Fatigues Clothesline is an art-based therapy program for those who have survived military sexual trauma. Survivors come together in a group setting and express themselves by telling their trauma on an inside-out military uniform. The expression of their stories empowers these survivors and helps them regain a sense of control by leveraging the symbolism of the uniform.

Line of Advance
Line of Advance is a Chicago-based non-profit literary journal created by three American military veterans who are committed to the idea that times of war are transformative for a nation, and that the act of telling stories allows for a critical community introspection for both storyteller and audience.

National Veterans Art Museum
The NVAM aims to inspire a greater understanding of the real impact of war with a focus on Vietnam. The museum collects, preserves and exhibits art inspired by combat and created by veterans.

The Mission Continues
Connects veterans with non-profit organizations and community service projects so they can contribute to the U.S. after their military service has ended.

Combat Paper
Through papermaking workshops, veterans use their uniforms worn in service to create art. The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp, and formed into paper sheets. Participants use this transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniforms as art and express their experience with the military.

 The Pritzker Military Library
The library is a non-partisan research institution dedicated to enhancing public understanding of military history and the sacrifices made made by the men and women who have served.

The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago Veterans Helping Veterans
Call 708-272-0892

Give an Hour
Give an Hour asks mental health professionals nationwide to donate an hour of their time each week to provide free mental health services to military members and their families.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial
The Women’s Memorial is a national memorial honoring Women In Military Service and women who have served in the nation’s defense across all eras.

The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women in Iraq
This series of interviews by journalist Helen Benedict –the inspiration for the documentary “The Invisible War”–vividly tells the stories of five women who fought in Iraq between 2003 and 2006–and of the challenges they face upon their return.

The Invisible War (film)
A groundbreaking investigative documentary about the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military. The film paints a startling picture of the extent of the problem—today, a female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. The Department of Defense estimates there were a staggering 22,800 violent sex crimes in the military in 2011. 20% of all active-duty female soldiers are sexually assaulted. Female soldiers aged 18 to 21 accounted for more than half of the victims. Focusing on the powerfully emotional stories of rape victims, The Invisible War is a moving indictment of the systemic cover-up of military sex crimes, chronicling the women’s struggles to rebuild their lives and fight for justice.

POSTER GIRL (a film by Sara Neeson)
Oscar nominated Documentary short that follows a young enlisted woman upon her return from Iraq.

LIONESS (film)
The untold story of the first women in U.S. history to be sent into direct ground combat.

The Wingman Project
The goal of the Wingman Project is to eliminate warfighter and family member suicide through human outreach, media and training.

AcademyWomen is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the professional and personal growth of women from the nation’s officer development programs.

All Navy Women’s National Alliance
A nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of the sea services and to sharing their legacy.

American Women Veterans
American Women Veterans is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of servicewomen, veterans and their families.

Army Women’s Foundation
The U.S. Army Women’s Foundation is a center for education, a national network for today’s Army women and an advocate for telling the history of Army women.

ReCruit Military
Connects employers, franchisors, and educational institutions with job seekers who have military backgrounds.

The Soldier’s Project
Free, confidential psychological counseling for military service members and their families.

Military OneSource
An online resource for the military community regarding mental health issues.

United Service Organizations (USO)
Supports the military community by providing morale, welfare and recreation services to military service men and women and their families.

American Corporate Partners (ACP)
A nationwide mentoring program to help veterans transition from armed services to the civilian workforce.

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW)
Engages women mentors to connect with women veterans and military spouses.

Hire Heroes USA
Provides career placement assistance to returning veterans.

Hope for the Warriors
Supports wounded U.S. service members, their families, and families of the fallen.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
IAVA addresses critical issues facing veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families, provides valuable resources, and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community.

Student Veterans Association
A non-profit that connects student veterans across the country.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
A 24/7 tragedy assistance resource for anyone who has lost a military loved one.

Vets 4 Vets
Uses peer support to help Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans heal from psychological injuries.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Provides information, services, referral, and proactive outreach programs to soldiers of the Army Reserve and their families throughout the deployment cycle.

Real Warriors
Connects service members, veterans, and families to resources, organizations and information to facilitate recovery and support reintegration.